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Chemperform at ACHEMA 2022

Be the first and pick up the brand new brochure of the Biocide Leasing project supported by BMK Austria at the ISC3 booth in Hall 6!

Manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries will present products for chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy and environment. This makes the world's leading trade fair ACHEMA the most important source of impulses for the international process industry.

Green Innovation

The special section on sustainable production and the circular economy highlights green innovations and the challenges facing the process industry on its way to climate-neutral production. The Green Innovation Zone brings together stakeholders, opinion leaders, experts and interested parties from around the world.

"Sustainable chemistry promotes the needs of the present - without compromising the environmental, social and economic needs of future generations." To find out how your company can benefit from Biocide Leasing, contact ChemPerform or visit us today at Achema in Hall 6.

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